Tested to last 20,000 hours, our Vintage LED bulbs are better, saving carbon, and costing just cents to run.

Our bulbs are hand-assembled and each undergo rigorous testing and then a final check before leaving our Sydney warehouse.




    Australian safety standards

    Our bulbs meet Australian/New Zealand standards, which are often higher than overseas standards.

    Dimmer friendly 

    Our bulbs are tested with the widest range of dimmers. Scroll to see details below.


    Tested to last 20,000 hours, our LED Bulbs last 15 times longer and use 90% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb. Read more.

    Filament technology

    Our bulbs include the very latest technologically advanced filaments built to last.


    Our high quality glass feels beautiful and looks even better, emitting a shadow-less light.


    Using our bulbs instead of a traditional incandescent bulb can save as much as 1 tonne of Co2 being released over the bulb life. Read more.

    Light warmth

    Our bulbs emit a beautiful consistent light, ranging in colour (warmth) between 2200K and 3000K - depending on the shape and finish. 


    FREE insured delivery + FREE 30 day no-questions returns + FREE 3 year warranty.

    Product quality

    Our bulbs are hand-assembled and then tested rigorously ensuring quality. 


    Dimmer information for your electrician:

    Our bulbs are dimmable with HPM push button and Trailing Edge and CBUS dimmers in most circumstances but we recommend the newest Universal or LED specific dimmers.

    With older Dimmers and CBUS dimmers there can sometimes be issues with minimum load requirements so if there is 30W or more of lighting on the circuit the dimmer will work but with lower amounts, this will not necessarily be the case.

    When installing please note that flickering and flat spots at either end of the dimming spectrum may occur. We recommend using a dimmer where a set point can be altered to ensure that these issues can be minimised at installation. 

    Recommended dimmers include: 

    LED Dimmers:

    • LEDSMART XPERT­ Diginet/Gerard Lighting Rotary dimmer;
    • LoadSmart Generation 2 Lumex­ LED Modular Rotary Dimmer;
    • LYNX­LED Dimmer CLA LED Trailing Edge Rotary dimmer. 

    Universal Dimmers:

    • Clipsal 32E450UDM Universal Dimmer;
    • Clipsal 31E2PUDM Push Button Universal Dimmer;
    • Clipsal 31E2RUDM Rotary Controlled Universal Dimmer.

    Trailing Edge Dimmers:

    • Clipsal 32E45OTM – Trailing Edge.