Our Story

Isn't it the Australian way to have a go?

Erika and Gavin thought so, puting it all on the line with the dream of creating a fulfilling and happy life for our family.


Nearing on 10 years ago, we drove all over Sydney looking for unique lighting - something different, well made, but affordable. Everything we found was either overly plastic, of inferior quality, a cheap replica, or simply out of our price range. 

This got us quietly thinking...

After some years of soul searching, a huge amount of planning, and some very very deep breathes, we held hands and jumped, leaving the safety of our jobs behind to pour our heart and soul (and savings) into launching SMITH&SMITH. 

Fast forward now to 2022 and our goals remain unchanged - impress our Customers with WOW service and WOW products.

Covid has been challenging for all business, particularly around access to materials and logistics. But in these hard times, we had to work even harder, and despite the pandemic, we managed to grow 6x during 2021,. Words can not do any justice to how thankful we are to our Customers for supporting us during these crazy times. We always try to do the right thing by our Customers, every time.

Our original plan for SMITH&SMITH was never to be the local lighting megastore, and that remains the case today. Rather than expanding our collections in 2022, we're actually reducing our own SMITH&SMITH range of lighting to give each item we make for Customers even more care and attention.

Increasingly our items are now made-to-order items - which is what we love. Made-to-order and custom lighting pieces which are affordable and accessible to the average Australian home or business owner. All done in as little as 16 or so weeks.

With so many products unethically made in society today, we continue to ensure we understand our own supply chain as best which also helps us ensure that what we are creating today, is of such a quality that it doesn't simply become tomorrow's landfill.

SMITH&SMITH is an open book. If you have any questions about our business, products or anything at all, please ask. We'll get back to you within an hour or two most days.

In closing, since we launched in 2017, we have met and helped thousands of Australian's find lighting they love - we would love to help you too. 

Email: customerservice@smithandsmithlighting.com.au
Tel: 1300 207 421