Isn't it the Australian way - put it all on the line and have-a-go, with the dream of creating a fulfilling and happy life for our family? We thought so.

A couple of years back while renovating, we drove all over Sydney looking for unique lighting - something different, well made, but without the unattainable price tag. We didn't have much luck, we found most Sydney lighting stores filled with the same product, overly plastic and of inferior quality. 

After some years of soul searching, a huge amount of planning, and some very very deep breathes, we held hands and jumped, leaving the safety of our corporate jobs to pour our heart and soul (and savings) into launching SMITH&SMITH.


Fast forward now to 2020 and our goals remain unchanged - impress our Customers with WOW service and WOW products.

We never wanted to be the local lighting megastore, instead offering bespoke lighting pieces, made with care by gifted artisans. With so many products unethically made in society today, we wanted to understand our supply chain in detail, and to know what we were creating today would not simply become more landfill tomorrow.

Everything we do is about our Customers and we are so genuinely thankful to the many hundreds of new home builders, renovators, architects & builders, interior stylists and designers, shopfitters and electricians, who have all found something more in their lighting from SMITH&SMITH.

We would love to help you too.

Please enjoy our store - our pride and joy :) 


Erika & Gavin
Co-Founders, SMITH&SMITH

 Erika and Gavin are co-founders of Smith and Smith lighting in Sydney Australia