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What makes us different?

Handcrafted, ethical

We avoid plastics and recycle whereever we can.
We make handcrafted, high-quality, ethically designed lighting, made for Australian conditions - not for tomorrow's landfill.

What makes us different?

It's personal for us

Erika & Gavin own and operate their Sydney-based business, cherishing every Customer, be they designer or home renovator, buying stocked items or choosing affordable custom-made solutions. We have a passion for lighting, and a passion to help people, and we're very proud to have been rated 5.0 by our Customers, each of our 3 years in operation.

What makes us different?

Official Charity Partner of Hagar Australia

We've seen hundreds of lighting factories around the world, and most of them would make you cry, in fact, we've shed many a tear. At SMITH&SMITH we make most of our lighting abroad, almost all in India, and we know how important it is to know how products are made, by who, using what materials, and in what working conditions.

We make a donation from each Customer to Hagar Australia, to help them heal communities impacted by Human Slavery, trafficking and abuse.