At first, many of our new Customers think custom made lighting is just for commercial projects, or for people who have an endless budget?

This is not the case at SMITH&SMITH.

We help everyday Australian's develop lighting solutions for their homes and businesses, starting from a simple idea. Common custom work for us has included:

  • Cluster pendants for a kitchen island/bench
  • Matching Outdoor wall light for front/side/rear of home
  • Matching hallway ceiling/wall lighting
  • Chandeliers for home entrances
  • Matching bedroom lighting
  • Ceiling/wall lighting for a cafe or restaurant 
Buy Lighting from SMITH&SMITH Lighting with Zip or AfterPay

We take your idea and develop you a brief concept for your review and to allow us to quote. The process is quick and easy and you'll be able to give is a green light in only days. We wont waste your time. We'll lock down costs so that everything is transparent and clear, and we'll deliver the items to your door for free. Items will typically be delivered about 6 weeks after payment is made.

So, the process starts with an idea - perhaps something you've sketched, or something you've seen on Insta or Pinterest. We won't replicate designs, but we'll work with you to create something you will absolutely love.

Call us on 1300 207 421 or message us today for a reply within 1 business hour. This process is simple and affordable and will create a custom outcome, perfect for you and your space.