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Whether you're updating your home or building a new one, Erika is here to help you with ideas to make lighting your home fun and easy.

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FAQ's: In-home Lighting Consult

After submitting the contact form, what happens next?


Erika will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project. During this call, if it suits you, your in-home lighting consult can be scheduled.

What do I need to do ahead of my in-home lighting consult with Erika?


Nothing really. You might have some ideas of things you've seen already that you like? You might know the finishes/colours/materials you prefer?

Prior to Erika's visit, we suggest having a browse through our store online just to see if there is anything that you like.

Please do not stress at all over preparation, you can discuss your project in person with Erika at the time.

How long does the in-home consult take?


Typically 30-45 minutes, but this really depends on you and how many spaces in your home you would like assistance with.

How much does the in-home consult cost?


Normally $195, we're offering this free right now.

During your consult, we'll typically provide you an idea of costs for your lighting ideas on the spot. You can also convey your budget preferences too. This all helps to ensure we're all on the same page with an open and transparent process.

How long after the consult will Erika provide me lighting ideas?


Typically between 1-5 days pending on how many spaces were are assisting with.

If your project timetable is more urgent, we will always do our best to speed things up for you!

Am I obligated to buy from SMITH&SMITH?


Certainly not, there is absolutely no obligation to buy from us.

Further, neither Erika, Gavin or any SMITH&SMITH staff, will ever apply pressure to purchase from SMITH&SMITH.

You can walk away at any time.