Mitzi Lighting (USA) FAQ's

A. Husband & wife team, Erika and Gavin, launched SMITH&SMITH in 2017. Based in Sydney, SMITH&SMITH has grown over 600% in the last 12 months providing quality local service to support our much loved products.

Q. I can by Mitzi Lighting (USA) from SMITH&SMITH?
A. Yes, absolutely. If you don't see the product on our site, reach out and we'll get it for you.

Q. Are Mitzi Lighting (USA) products okay for use in Australia?
A. Yes, if you buy through SMITH&SMITH. We re-wire all lighting to Australian standards ensuring compliance. (Ordinarily, lighting made for use in the USA cannot be sold in Australia).

Q. How long is delivery?
A. Delivery takes approximately 12-16 weeks. We have a container leaving the US with Customer orders every 4 weeks. Your delivery date may vary by 2-3 week depending which shipment your order is included. We recommend you include a buffer of a few weeks into your planning.

Q. Will Australian bulbs work in Mitzi Lighting?
A. In short yes, we re-wire all lighting to Australian standards for Australian bulbs.

Q. What if my item arrives damaged?
A. Rest easy, we insure all deliveries, and will rectify any damage at our cost.

Q. I'm confused about what style of wall lamp to buy!
A. This is our #1 question. In short, get in touch and we'll talk to you about your space, and provide some suggestions, free-of-charge and no obligation to buy.

Call us 7 days on: 1300 207 421
(if we're helping others when you call, please leave us a voicemail message and we'll call you back)