SMITH&SMITH is proud to be an official charity partner of Hagar Australia. 

Like you, we feel very lucky to live in a country like Australia or New Zealand.

In our business however, we often visit parts of the world where people aren't so lucky. Some people are born into, or find themselves living, a life where they have few choices, often seeing them end up one of millions of global citizens caught up in human slavery and trafficking.

In our own small way, we feel SMITH&SMITH has a role to play.

We manufacture and source products in countries afflicted by slavery and trafficking, so the choices we make are real. Decisions we make about our staff, supply chains and manufacturing partners, are real world day-to-day decisions which we make very carefully, ensuring we're educated about each suuply chain to ensure we are not (directly or indirectly) promoting this global scourge.

Facts about Slavery & Trafficking

  • Up to 36 million people are in forced labor around the world at any one time;
  • US$175b of profit annually is derived by business exploiting workers; and
  • More than half of slavery occurs in our Asian region.



Starting in 1994, Hagar works in Cambodia, Vietnam & Afghanistan with those many women and children who have survived trafficking and severe abuse. We've been invited and have witnessed first hand, the work Hagar does helping communities on the ground heal from the unimaginable trauma of trafficking, slavery and abuse.

SMITH&SMITH is proud to be an official charity partner of Hagar Australia, and donates to Hagar Australia for every light purchased by our wonderful Customers. 

Helping shine some light into the darkness and help make a small difference in people's lives.