'What is the impact on your own electricity bill by continuing to use traditional incandescent bulbs'?


Whilst a traditional bulb may be cheaper upfront, you do get what you pay for. A traditional incandescent bulb (say, 720 lumens) will cost 15-20 times more to run and will last only 1000 hours. (Source: Canstar). Our Vintage LED bulbs are tested to last an average of 20,000 hours.

Our Vintage LED bulbs are made my hand and are high quality. You will quickly recoup your upfront costs via significantly lower operating costs and a 15x longer life span.

We know our bulbs are better - that's why we back them up with free - carbon free - delivery, free 30-day no-questions returns, and offer a free 3 year warranty as standard. Look around - nobody compares!

Retrofit your home or business now and start reducing your electricity bill immediately. There's really no excuse not to start saving money right away. 


A 60w incandescent bulb emits about 85% more carbon than our Vintage LED bulbs.


Help save your environment too.

Incandescent bulbs not only cost a lot more to run than our Vintage LED bulbs, they emit significantly more carbon (Co2) into our environment. 

To try and make sense of this, over the 20,000 hours tested average life of our Vintage LED edison bulb, by continuing to use a traditional incandescent bulb you would add more than 2 tonne of unnecessary carbon into the atmosphere. 

If you multiple 2 tonne of carbon saved per bulb across you entire home or business, and consider the number of buildings in Australia - we really can help our environment by each considering some of our own behaviours.


LED bulbs are the future:

  • 20,000 hour lifespan - forget about changing bulbs
  • Reduce your power bills
  • Save tonnes of Co2 from our atmosphere from your use alone
  • FREE (carbon free) delivery in Australia + FREE 30-day no-questions returns
  • FREE 3 year warranty on all Vintage LED Edison bulbs.