How to upgrade your home with LED pendant lights

LED pendant lights are an exceptional option for decorating any room in the house, they serve as a simple and easy-to-install addition to the room that can give your spaces that finishing touch of elegance and sophistication.

Where it was once fashionable to have a sparkling chandelier cascading from the ceiling of the dining room table, we now see many more options to suffice anyone's personal taste and home aesthetics. When selecting the ideal light for your home, we suggest investing in a high quality and energy efficient pendant light that is cost-effective and long-lasting. Your pendant lights don’t have to all be exactly the same across your home. In fact, it is ideal for each room within your house to have its own unique style of LED pendant light to match the design of the rooms.

Want to add some pendant lights to your home? Here you will find a comprehensive guide on how to choose and place your lights for each room.


Even if you are a small family, the kitchen can be the most used part of the home. It is essential that it serves to function your living needs, but you shouldn’t let this get in the way of creating a stunning space for your family to enjoy.

You can install these lights in a number of ways, though the most popular method is to hang them over your kitchen island or bench. Be aware not to hang these too low as they may get in the way of your movements within the kitchen or the height of taller appliances such as juicers, cake mixers and blenders. You also want to keep the lights away from moisture so if your island has a sink, it is best not to install your pendant lights directly above.

hanging led pandant lights over kitchen island

Dining room

You and your guests will admire the presence of a gorgeous pendant light hanging as a centrepiece within the dining room, as a simple way to complete the design of the room. You rarely need much light in the dining room as it should have a more relaxed ambience.

In this setting, you can install the pendant light lower above the table as it is more a decoration than a functional element. Though to be sure, avoid placing the light within your eye-line to prevent the direct glare that may be bothersome for you and your guests’ dining experience.

pendant light for dining room

Living room

The living room is a more challenging area of the home to design. It should be a space that projects style and encourages relaxation, but also needs to be functional. Some families may need the height space to complete their yoga routine or exercise without the fear of bumping into items. This is why we recommend placing pendant lights closer to the ceiling or hanging a bunch of them near the edges or corner of the room to give more space.

If you are grouping the lights together, hanging them at different heights can create an appealing presence. Think of it as a bunch of individual flowers with varying lengths and shapes, yet when together they can be a powerful feature.

pendant light placed slightly off-center in living room


An LED pendant light will add to any look that you have chosen for your bedroom. You can hang one high above your bed, your desk space like the image below, or anywhere you think would be appropriate for your private space. If you want to create a more romantic atmosphere, you can add a dimmable light feature and use bulbs that have a warm light.

When installing pendant lights above your bed, make sure they are at a height and position that avoids a direct glare.

hanging pendant light over bedroom study area


An LED pendant light can add a luxurious feeling to your bathroom. The bathroom should be a place of rejuvenation and self-care, so transforming it into a place of tranquillity by adding a pendant light or two within the space can be a simple way to do this.

As with all electric appliances, be mindful of keeping your lights away from running water and steam. Additionally, choose lights that do not have fabric or porous materials, as these can attract the growth of mould and mildew. If you have children, low hanging pendant lights may not be the best idea as there will be the risk of them getting splashed during bath time.

pair of led pendant lights over bathroom sink


With summer coming, so is the season of outdoor barbeques, luncheons, parties and spending hours outdoors enjoying the longer days and warmer nights. A pendant light can be installed out in the backyard or courtyard to create the feeling of celebration and luxury. You can use a similar placement to what you would use in the dining room at the centre of your patio dining table.

Ensure that your fittings and LED pendant lights are dustproof and weatherproof, so that they’re durable and safe for outdoor use. Again, avoiding fabric or plastic in your outdoor lights is best, being exposed to the elements.

set of led pendant lights in patio dining area

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