8 New trends in small business interiors

When you think of the words “business interiors”, do you think small grey and white cubicles, sterile white lights, messy cork pin boards boxed in by glass executive offices? Maybe you work in one of these or own a business that looks a bit like this.

Business interiors are quickly changing. People desire more collaborative and friendly working environments. Do you feel like you need to update your business interior? Here are 8 new trends in small business interiors to inspire a little redecorating.  

Flexible interior spaces

In the past three years, one of the most popular and innovative trends we have noticed in business interiors, is that office spaces are now built to be more dynamic. Spaces now aim to be more flexible to serve many different purposes. They can be meditation areas, meeting spaces, events spaces or working areas. Australian examples of offices that are using dynamic spaces include DropBox headquarters, The Hub Sydney and WeWork offices.  

Business Interior Design Trends 2018

Home-like Setups

People spend most of their weekdays at the office, so it makes sense to make the look and feel of the office more homely and inviting. It creates a less stressful and sterile environment. Some offices have opted for the vintage-retro meets modern technology theme, installing Edison-style light bulbs, vintage furniture, bean bags with blankets and then contrasting them with VR headsets, flat screens and stylish-portable speakers.

open plan office business interiors

Collaborative Spaces

Business interiors are evolving to encourage more collaboration between employees of different roles. In some spaces, they have created an environment where employees don’t have an assigned desk and instead work from a more communal area within the office.

collaborative working space created by open plan business interiors

Private Working Booths

Although the trend is that workspaces are becoming more collaborative, there are still times when employees need focused alone time to handle specific tasks. Modern offices have been installing private working booths to cater to these situations where workers need a quiet or private space. Private working booths generally look like a booth you would see at a restaurant, but can also be smaller much like a phone booth. Some booths may be open to the surrounding areas but others may be enclosed for additional privacy.

two men working in private working booth

Technology Integration

Filing cabinets and large laser printers are becoming less of a necessity as we are storing more of our files onto cloud storage and electronic devices. This new development has meant there is now more space for other forms of technology. Businesses are now making meetings more interactive by integrating VR & AR into their presentations. Plus, clients can now chat through Google Hangout instead of having in-person meetings, meaning dedicated boardrooms are less of a necessity.

man wearing virtual reality headset surrounded by peers


Offices have been including plants in their spaces for a long time. However, in the past few years, they have been taking it to the next level. Staff are now including plant life such as terrariums, bonsais, cactuses, succulents and orchids as part of their desk spaces. Businesses themselves are incorporating plant walls and indoor trees as part of their interior features. You can easily put plants into any sized office space, they can be placed on shelves, desks and even hung from the ceiling. Including plants in the office have been known to reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity, reduce noise levels and clean the air.   

indoor plants display in business interior

Lounge Areas

Businesses across the board are incorporating lounge areas where employees can sit in a relaxed environment with their laptops and do their work. Employees in these offices now have the flexibility to change up their surroundings and opt for comfort when they feel the need. This trend is all thanks to the millennial generation, who opt for more comfortable, healthful and homely working environments with a high attention to creating a more friendly and open work culture.

Lounge areas can include bean bags, plush couches, rugs, coffee tables, wall hangings, art, book shelves and pendant lights. Some spaces go for a more relaxed feel with dimmable lights and darker design tones whereas others go for a more light and airy feel. It is up to you what style you would choose for your office.

two girls working in lounge study area

Branded Spaces

Some businesses are including their branding as part of their interior design. Adding your branding elements into your business interiors can boost company morale, get respect from clients and inspire creativity.

Are you redesigning your office space? Here are some questions to ask yourself when approaching what design you want to create.

What aesthetic would suit my brand and company culture?

How many staff members do I have and how much space will I need?

Will there be space for company growth?

What purposes will I need each space for and how can I make them flexible?

What kind of lighting will I need?

What furniture will fit well within my space?

open ceiling business interior design ideas

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