Is Your Home Office Making You Unmotivated?

If fires, floods and Covid-19 is teaching Australian's anything (apart from being generally more adaptable), it is that many of us will be working from home a lot more in the future, at least in the short term.

So, not only is it a great time to consider improvements throughout your home - given you will be spending more time at home, it is definitely the time to think about your working space, and does it cater to your needs?


Is your current workspace making your unmotivated?

Can you see yourself working in this space for weeks or even months to come?

If there a community lock down coming - why not start making improvements right away?


The Top 7 things you can do to change the experience of working from home (including a cheekly plug from us):

  1. Tunes: Separate your work space from home living by being able to play tunes you find help set your mood. Some like listening to the radio, or to the news, some to relaxation music, or a top 50 playlist. Whatever takes your fancy, get yourself a portable speaker, and even a wireless ceiling speaker, something you can quickly mute when an unexpected work call or videoconference springs on you.
  2. AC (DC?): ACDC probably wont help you get much work done, but access to power, and your suite of device chargers is essential. Get everything set up correctly once - this will avoid you getting up and down and losing your bananas each day finding your iphone charger.
  3. Seating: Many employers will want to ensure you have suitable seating, but it's important regardless - get yourself a funky (but sensible chair), something that works with the table/desk height you're using, and makes you feel comfortable and happy to plant your butt in it for 8 hours a day :)
  4. Lighting: Yep, here's the plug! You can't work in the dark, and even on the sunniest of days, a room can be pretty dull compared to what you might be used to in your work office. Lighting is functional, but it is also an affordable way to glam up your home office to improve the look and the feel of your home office work space. We've procured a collection of home office lamps perfect for the Australian home office workspace, and we deliver these free throughtout Australia. Check them out!
  5. Colour: Maybe its artwork from your children, prints on the wall, or some lush green plants - every space needs to reflect its inhabitants, and your work space must make you feel comfortable and at ease.
  6. De-junk: At home, we often find it easy to get distracted by whats in arms reach. Create yourself a clean desk policy, just like when you hot desk at work - finish every day with a clean desk. You'll feel better about entering your home office workspace the following day, and you'll get less distracted.
  7. Water: At home it is so tempting to get up and snack. With full access to a fridge and pantry, and no judgemental colleagues to stop those cravings, keeping plenty of water (and healthy snacks) around your work space will stop the run to the pantry, or atleast reduce the frequency!

For parents out there, unfortunately we can't devise a free nanny or even a door lock, but we hope this article gives you some ideas how you can make your home-work life balance that little easier.


If we all pull together as Australians, I'm certain our community and country will come out of Covid-19 stronger, together.


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