Can you fix heavier pendant lights to plasterboard ceilings?

There are some fantastic anchoring devices which make suspending pendants from your typical Australian plasterboard/gyprock ceiling a breeze.

There are many types of wall anchors available online or from your local Bunnings. When working on a ceiling however, it's better to consider a heavy duty anchor which is designed to be used in ceilings where a dead weight is being applied by an item such as a pendant light.

The anchor device fans out behind the plasterboard ceiling to provide a heavy duty anchor for your light. Check out the first 3 miinutes of this video demonstrating the anchoring device and process.

There are many other types of anchors, and each will publish a maximum weight which should be used, and typically also, a minimum and maximum plasterboard thickness which must always be adhered to.

We recommend consulting the information accompanying your product to first determine the dead weight of your pendant light, and discussing your own circumstances with your builder or electrician. It is rare to have pendant lighting exceed 15kg which means more often than not, a 20kg heavy duty anchor device will very likely suit almost every circumstance a light is to be suspended from a plasterboard ceiling.

At SMITH&SMITH, we send a free 20kg platserboard anchor with every pendant sold weighing 10kg or more.

If you have any questions, please contact SMITH&SMITH. We're also very pleased to talk to your electrician too.



Reference: Ramset Wall Anchors (Available from Bunnings)

Disclaimer: Always use anchor products in accordance with their instructions. Video link above is used as a guide only to demonstrate the effectiveness and design of anchor devices. Always consult your builder and electrician.

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