You wont find better Australian timber lamps than from Erika & Gavin at SMITH&SMITH.

Our timber linear pendant lamps are assembled and finished locally, and backed by our 2 year replacement warranty.

Our timber is Australian and certified as sustainable.

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See: All Linear lamp styles

Choose better quality timber linear lighting from SMITH&SMITH Lighting, Sydney. You wont be disappointed.  


Q. What are the dimensions of the Mersey style?

A. Height is 110mm and with 16mm.

Q. Can you make the Mersey style in other lengths?

A. Any length up to approx. 2.1m is available. Whilst timber is available longer than 2.1m, we won't create lighting in this style beyond 2.1m because we believe this style has a greater chance to bow over time beyond 2.1m. We've done many projects where 2 or more lamps are suspended together for a beautiful look.

Q. What is the lead time?
A. This item is made-to-order and delivery can be expected in approx. 6 weeks.

Q. Do you have a sample of the timber/finish?
A. Contact us and we'd be happy to send you a sample. We finish the Mersey style in Natural/Clear French Polish, Australian Walnut or Australian Blackened Ash. We also have similar styles in Aluminium.

Q. Does this collection work with smart home automation systems (e.g. Dynalite, CBUS, Control 4, Casambi, Creston etc)?
A. Yes, we supply products for all home smart systems. Speak to your electrician and let us know if the patch used is for Triac or Dali.

Q. Is there a visible electrical wire?
A. No. Power is delivered down one of the suspension wires, and creates a minimal aesthetic which is what most of our Customers prefer.

Q. What are the options with two-directional lighting on this Mersey style?
A. You can choose downward lighting only, or you can also choose to have a second LED strip of lighting illuminating upward. This can be wired together or separately, and have a secondary dimming function too, providing ultimate flexibility. If you order up & down lighting, we will contact you upon you ordering this product to confirm how you would like this item wired.

Q. What does the connection to the ceiling look like?
A. If you have a plaster/gyprock ceiling and can house the driver in the ceiling cavity, we suggest our ultra-minimal ceiling connection. See photo on this page.

Q. What if I can't get ceiling access?
A. We can provide you a matching ceiling box to house the driver at no extra cost. (Add a note requesting this when ordering, or contact us after placing your order)

Q. Does this style of lighting need be suspended from a support beam or something stronger than gyprock/plasterboard?
A. That's a question for your electrician, but this item weighs less than 2kg so typically would not need extra weight support in most instances.

Q. Is this style dimmable?
A. Yes, dimming is available upon request. We supply Triac dimmers by default, but can also provide Dali if requested.

Q. What length are the suspension droppers?
A. You can have any length you need. We suggest allowing an extra 50cm more than you expect. These droppers are adjustable by your electrician.

Q. What colour are the suspension droppers?
A. Most customers choose the silver default colour, but black is also available if requested.

Q. Where are the droppers positioned?
A. By default, droppers are positioned 40mm from each end. We can however vary this if required for your project if requested.

Q. What colour LED light output (Kelvin) should I choose?
A. 90% of our Customers use this style of lamp above a kitchen island, and choose a 3000K colour. This is the default choice. You may however choose any colour from 2000K-6000K.

Q. What if the item arrives damaged?
A. We insure all lighting during delivery, and it is our responsibility to rectify any damage made during delivery.

Mersey Australian Timber Linear LED Pendant Lamp (Black Finish)

$1,508.00 $1,795.00
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4 payments of $377.00 AUD


Finish/es: Black finish
Profile dimensions: Height is 110mm and with 16mm.
Length: Up to 2100mm
LED Colour: 3000K
LED Lumens (Brightness):
Drop length: Max.

Availability: 6-7 weeks

LED Linear Material: Timber
Finish: Black finish
Profile dimensions: Height is 110mm and with 16mm.
Length: Up to 2100mm
LED Colour: 3000K
Availability/Lead time:   6-7 weeks


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