What to look out for when buying an LED Linear Pendant Light

LED Linear Lighting is very popular in Australian homes in 2020.

This style can be both a minimal and contempoary design choice, plus a smart to solution to affordably light up your living space.

Used most often above Kitchen Islands and Kitchen benches, not all LED Linear light is made equal.

Top 10 things to look out for when buying an LED Linear Pendant Lamp in Australia:

  1. Make sure the item is made from high grade aluminum with a profile which will not bend or warp over time
  2. Check your item has been approved for re-sale in Australia, and is not a illegally imported product
  3. Check any suspension cables are made of stainless steel, as inferior materials are prone to rusting in a harsh climate such as Australia
  4. Is the LED used a continuous strip, or is it an inferior product where you can see inidividual dotted lights
  5. Is the lamp dimmable? A dimmable driver is more expensive, so often the cheapest Linear lights are not dimmer friendly
  6. Some LED Linear pendants will come with a ceiling canopy, typically container the LED driver - some will not. Double check you're getting the ceiling fixture you really want
  7. Double check your dimensions. Not always what you see online is what you get in reality. 
  8. What sort of warranty is being issued with the LED Pendant Lamp - you really want nothing short of 2 years. (SMITH&SMITH Lighting offer a 3 year replacement warranty on all LED Linear Pendant Lamps)
  9. Who are you buying from? If your LED Linear Pendant is damaged in transit, is faulty or you need advice, choose a supplier which has proven to offer quality service to previous Customers
  10. Just like a new pair of jeans, sometimes you get new lighting home and it isn't quite what you imagined it would be. Make sure you buy from a supplier who will refund or exchange your LED Linear Pendant Lamp if you change your mind.

If you have any questions about LED Linear Lighting, please contact us today. We're available 7 days for our Customers.


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