Shopping for LED lighting can be a little like comparing health insurers or mobile phone contracts. 

We try and make choosing LED Linear lighting easy and risk-free.

Length: 2800mm
Finish: Matte-black
Profile size: 35x35mm
Colour: 4000k
Dimmable? Yes

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If you're after a specific length, finish or colour, we can provide custom Nullarbor lighting in as little as 3-4 weeks. Request a same day quote in just 90 seconds.

Here's what you are guaranteed with our Nullarbor LED Linear Slimline series:

  • A super slimline high grade super strong aluminium profile structure ensuring the most minimalist of designs available in Australia
  • A perfect matte-black painted finish
  • Continuous uninterrupted premium LED crystal strip lighting running the entire pendant length
  • Even light distribution with no spotting
  • A premium LED dimmer-friendly driver able to be stored in the canopy provided or hidden in your ceiling cavity
  • Stainless steel drop wires which can be moved anywhere across the top of the lamp
  • Various ceiling fittings depending on how you wish to hang your lighting
  • A three-year replacement warranty
  • 30-day free returns with our Customer Happiness Guarantee. 

TIP: Your linear light should typically run as close as 20cm to each end of the area being illuminated. For example, if your kitchen island is 2.2 metres in length, the 1800mm Nullarbor lamp is perfect. If your island was 3.2m, you'd opt for the 2800mm pendant lamp etc.

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Nullarbor LED Linear Matte-Black Slimline Pendant Lamp - 2800mm (Pre-made)

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Finish/es: Matte-black
Profile dimensions: 35x35mm
Length: 2800mm
LED Colour: 4000k
LED Lumens (Brightness):
Drop length: Max.

Availability: 3-4 weeks

LED Linear Material: Aluminium
Finish: Matte-black
Profile dimensions: 35x35mm
Length: 2800mm
LED Colour: 4000k
Availability/Lead time:   3-4 weeks


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